The Classic Cars

Classic car Vintage car American car

Classic cars come in every conceivable size, shape and hue. Afficionados rejoice in this infinite variety. The classic car scene caters to every taste and budget - all get a piece of the action! The action may be on the road, or on the racetrack - either way, these automotive jewels of yesteryear bedazzle the eye and delight the ear.

Classic cars enrich lives. It is by no means the machines alone which are the source of their appeal. Wonderful though they are, they bring in their wake an endless supply of curios to collect and collate - from fascinating artifacts of times gone by, to stories swapped and re-swapped - forever the better for the re-telling! The stalls at any classic car meet fuel this insatiable demand for fresh reminders of far-off days.

Each decade has its denizens - devotees of a particular stage in the development of classic cars. Attend a '50s meet, and you will be transported back to when chrome and fins roamed the roads of America. A vintage event will take you even further back - to when besuited gentlemen were at the wheels of rickety 'boneshakers'. Fast-forward to the '70s, and the classic cars on show induce day-dreams of wide lapels and flowing flares. Re-wind to the 60s, and the Mini was all the rage! 'Travel through time in a classic car'...I can feel an advertising jingle coming on!

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