Sixties Classic Cars

Lamborghini Miura

Lamborghini Miura 1960s classic car

What is the most outrageous supercar ever built? There is many a contender, but Lamborghini's Miura must be in with a shout - make that a scream! Visually and technically, the car is a tour de force of controlled hysteria. That may be a contradiction in terms, but is not that what the Miura is all about?

Looks-wise, the Miura has no better pedigree. Not only is it a product of Nuccio Bertone's legendary design house, but specifically the work of a young Marcello Gandini - one of the very best of the Bertone stylists. The fake eyelashes around the pop-up headlights are decidedly kitsch, but the body's lines flow with a freedom seldom seen elsewhere. First time out, the car mesmerised its audience at the 1966 Geneva show. Named after a Spanish fighting bull, the Miura's muscular beauty demanded deference!

Technically, too, the Miura was well up to speed. Its four-litre V-twelve gave out 350bhp and was installed sideways-on behind the seats - reducing the wheelbase and improving the centre of gravity - all of which helped high-speed handling. A car as excessive as the Miura ought not to have a hint of the all-rounder about it - but it does! The car was a resounding commercial success, testament to the fact that it performed well in most departments. Lamborghini and Bertone had combined to create a mythical supercar - but one which was ultimately good-natured and even, of course, for those fake eyelashes!

Porsche 911

Porsche 911 1960s classic car

Stuttgart is no doubt a wonderful place in many ways, but for fans of classic cars and motorsport, there is really only one that matters! Stuttgart is the home of Porsche and thus the birthplace of the iconic 911. For as long as there have been modern-era race and rally cars, the 911 has been either winning or vying for the lead. It is that good an all-round package! Entire series have been built around the car and it is synonymous with good, clean, highly competitive racing. When the 911s are coming out to play, the hamburgers are put on hold!

The car runs in the family. Its co-creators were two members of the Porsche clan. Ferry dreamed it up, then Butzi subsequently styled it. Its design is far from radical. It is a simple enough shape - but one which has stood the test of time. Saying that, the 911 Carrera packs some panache. Complete with its iconic 'ducktail' spoiler, flared wheel arches and racy decals, the Carrera likes a good time and does not care who knows it!

Longevity has been key to the success of the 911 - each iteration refining its predecessor with classical German precision. Porsche's 911 has been a mainstay of all that is genuine, solid and robust for so long now that the classic car world without it is verges on the inconceivable. Mind you, that Carrera can always be counted upon to play up a bit from time to time!

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